Premi-OM – The Yoga Mat Designed For Yogis, By Yogis

Youphoria customers have spoken and we’ve listened.  At Youphoria, we’ve created a yoga mat with the same great comfort as our original but with enhanced features for maximum support for ALL styles of yoga. It’s our pleasure and honor to share this incredible mat with you and your practice.


Premi-OM Mat Features:



The open-cell, porous top of our mat absorbs sweat and other fluids immediately, eliminating the need of a yoga towel.

The  Premi-OM mat is completely antimicrobial, so there’s no worry of bacteria growth or nasty odors.


At Youphoria, we believe that everyone should be able to afford a luxe, high quality, and safe mat.  

Our Premi-OM mat is nearly HALF the cost of a competitive luxury mat, without compromising any popular features. Don’t pay for a name; pay for quality!


Due to its exclusive design, the top of our Premi-OM mat is resistant to tearing and gouging, and will not break down and “flake-out” like other mats.  

This durability makes it especially Eco-Friendly because it will stay by your side, and out of the landfill.


There’s no budging, wiggling, or slipping while using our Premi-OM mat. Your practice will be redefined by the sensation of total grounding with the hands and feet.  This helps reduce the risk of injuries.  

The unique “wave” design of the bottom of the Premi-OM mat also creates a slight suction to the ground, preventing it from sliding across the floor. 


Unlike some other premium mats, our Premi-OM mat is ready for use right out of the packaging.

There are no lengthy break-in periods or inconvenient salt scrubbing rituals — just give it a shake and a quick wipe down, and you’re ready to go!


We believe that you, the customer, should make the final call on product performance. Each one of our customers has a yoga specialist who will help answer questions, provide Premi-OM mat care instructions, and make sure you are 100% satisfied!

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Meet Your Next Yoga Mat… The Premi-OM


3 Stunning Color Options. One Incredible Yoga Mat. Select your favorite color

Onyx PremiOM Youphoria Yoga Mat
Jade PremiOM Youphoria Yoga Mat
Amethyst PremiOM Youphoria Yoga Mat
Get your smile back! ENJOY Yoga again without the mat frustrations!

This Is A Mat For You.

The best-rated mats on the market are pricey, and the companies that sell them seem to have a feel of exclusivity.  This can be intimidating to a new yogi, or someone just beginning their yoga journey.  We believe that with our mat, we have bridged the gap between these expensive, “boutique” feeling, yoga prop companies, and the under-performing, low-quality, yoga mats sold in common retailers.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your yoga journey, everyone who practices, whether its full-time or supplementary, will benefit from using our mat.  Regardless of the style, be it hot yoga, Vinyasa, or gentle and restorative yoga, you are bound to love it.  It’s an affordable luxury for everyone.  


This premium yoga mat has successfully married impeccable designstyle, and functionality to fully enhance your yoga practice. You deserve the best experience along your journey, and that will always remain our foremost goal.


We believe everyone deserves to Find Youphoria, and that is why we have made it a priority to offer this mat at a more affordable price than our competitors’ mats.  As always, every mat comes with a carrying strap for your convenience.  Contact us for bulk order discounts or for studio retail wholesale.


Youphoria Yoga’s hygienic, eco-friendly material is a perfect combination of conscious design meets functionality. We want to enhance your practice without harming the environment.

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