Jessi Danielle

“…imagine that one can enjoy in reality the charm of a dream.”

– Proust

Hometown: The Pacific Wonderland


Age: 35


Yoga Style: Vinyasa

Why and when you began to practice:

I began my practice 15 years ago, initially, to stay flexible. Over the years, I began to take it

more seriously as I saw that it, not only, helped my body recover faster from injuries, but also,

calmed my, forever-rambling, inner monologue.

Yoga has also become one of my foundations for happiness as it has taught me so much about

“letting go” of things I can’t control. Releasing my sense of “aversion” to obstacles has allowed

me to work harder in all areas of my life, not just in asana. Yoga has taught me that life is a

journey, and not a destination, and to observe and appreciate all things, even when they come

in uncomfortable packages.

Laugh, love, practice, and all is coming.


Favorite Pose:

Inversions, all day! Getting my heart over my head always sets me right.


One weird thing about you:

Born a rebel. I take nothing seriously. I’m obsessed with tacos.




Leah Murphy

There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.

– Amy Poehler

Hometown: Melbourne, Florida


Age: 29


Yoga Style: Momstyle – The kind that makes me happy

Why and when you began to practice:

I began in May of 2015. Originally I begin just to stretch before working out. My stretching became longer and longer and I grew to love movement and freedom. And the feeling of finally nailing a goal Asana is amazing! Though goals are reached there is never an end!


Favorite Pose:

I guess it depends on the day and what my mind and body need during my practice. I am a huge fan of pigeon, such a delish stretch. Also love Camel, any heart opener or backbend really.


One weird thing about you:

Only one?! Lol! I have a thing about numbers, I hate odd numbers. Except numbers that are divisible by 5. Mainly thing being equal or even. I guess that makes me OCD?!




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